I have to believe in a world outside my own mind. I have to believe that my actions still have meaning, even if I can't remember them. I have to believe that when my eyes are closed, the world's still there. Do I believe the world's still there? Is it still out there?... Yeah. We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are. I'm no different.

-Leonard Shelby [Memento]
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-The Sam
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bullyskin who’s behind the mask…….no one follows me…….except you

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put your hands up if you like this picture

put your hands up if you like this picture

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The other night I was in a movie watching mood so I popped in Memento.  Now I have know about this movie for quite some time but in watching it I discovered that many of the themes of this semester ran throughout the movie.

For example the main character lost his short term memory abilities so he can not make new memories and can only remember things from his past.  Now this in itself is interesting but the method that he uses to work with his disability is even more so.

By using habit and routine he is able to create a methodology that enables him to use instinct to live his life.  Using a note system by means of tattoos on his body to document important discoveries and facts he continues each day from the last while still progressing in his task.  

The movie itself is one of my favorites and I urge anyone who hasn’t watched it to do so and see what you can take from it.

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Just messing.  Well my discovery log is about you!  Well not so much just you but the people that I have met at UArts.  I have discovered some very interesting people.  I am naturally a shy person but hope to meet more people during my time at UArts.

 Well that’s all, have a good day.

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18th & Walnut Entrance at 4:30-5:30

During my observations I was on the right hand side of the entrance sitting on the end of the ledge.  Directly across from me were a couple of older men playing chess and a large group of younger male cyclists crowded the rest of the ledge entrance area.  This left side of the entrance was much more populated than my side who at it’s maximum held three individuals including myself.  This is important to note because when I say that people displayed the action of looking at people at the entrance it was predominately to this left side.  Another reason for this description is that with the left side being so populated and active people seemed to withdraw in their actions.  This can be seen in the actions of people pausing their conversations, looking down instead of checking out the park upon entering and many more that are listed can also be implied to these circumstances.

Observations of people that;

check their cell: 16 (perhaps for time or to check on some type of communication)

take a bite of their food: 9

glance at me: 9

fix their hair: 6 (all females)

look all around: 7 (some were obvious tourists)

take a look backwards: 2 (paranoid)

type on cell: 2

check pockets: 3

let their dog poop: 1

wipe off hands: 1 (condensation from drink)

continue to talk on cell: 18

seem to animate their conversations more: 9 (hard to judge with not being able to see the intensity of the conversations when further down the street, but the ones that I did observe were nearby transitions)

end up hanging out at the entrance: 4 (continue cell conversation, join group and sit on the ledge at the entrance)

check entrance and decide if they want to enter: 4 (all decide not to, I wonder how many other people did this but made their decisions more discrete)

gather organize their belongings: 2

hang out in the middle of the entrance: 2 (I thought this was rude)

hold open cell in hand: 7 (perhaps waiting for some form of communication, but it should be noted that none had ear buds connected)

continue listening to music: +30

straighten out clothing: 2 (females)

suddenly pause conversation: 4 (maybe they became aware of people at the entrance and thought their conversation was to personal)

park bicycle: 4 (their was a bicycle rack inside the entrance)

wave to someone at entrance: 4, not me :(

take a sip of drink: 6

get closer to the person(s) that they are conversing with: 7

bite lip: 2

check time: 3 (on a watch)

pause at entrance: 3

chew gum more visibly: 3

cough: 1

put hands in pocket: 3

shuffle music: 2 (hard to tell so there might have been more people)

pick ear: 1

smile: 19

wipe forehead: 4

tighten grip on belongings: 12 (dog, backpack, purse, books…)

wipe nose: 5

dismount bicycle: 7 (not all parked bike but some decided to just walk next to their bike while entering the park) 

take a drag on cigar: 1

put glasses on: 3

discard cigarette: 4

shuffle objects around: 15 (switch drink from one hand to the other…)

The following actions were most often executed by using a combination of two oreven all three actions during their walk towards the entrance;

check out people at the entrance: +30

stare straight ahead: +30

are looking down: 28

While observing the curious actions of individuals in the park I noticed an unspoken direction of traffic of entering from the right and exiting through the left.  This seems to be an obvious pattern in traffic because of the way we drive our vehicles but still it seems an unconscious decision that we make in our daily life.

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Image Collection: Red Bull Flugtag

The subject that I choose to do my collection on was movement.  I attended the Red Bull Flugtag and took pictures of the flugtag’s as they went down the ramp into the Delaware River.  Thinking about it now I could have multiple subjects like; people running away from something, fear, the idea of Europe and broken things.

The arrangement is laid out to be read naturally (left to right, american) and resemble the movement of a bouncing ball.  This sounded really good conceptually but when it came to placing the images this was more difficultly shown with a square format.  To portray the characteristics of a bouncing ball I illustrated the slowing down of the ball to the ground, and then it’s upward and forward movement.  To show the force gravity I spaced the images every so slightly at increasing and decreasing increments from the “balls” base and top points.

The pictures are not as close up as I would have liked but I did zoom and crop each and everyone of them in Photoshop.  (my thumb and index finger still have bad memories of that)  I have learned that when trying to capture movement that photography is a cool idea but it should really be left up to camcorders.  Kidding aside I learned that movement can be found in everything that we do.  The world is constantly moving (at amazing speed something like 16 miles per minute) and everything is moving even if something is “static.”  

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This is pretty cool stuff that I heard about in my psychology class.  This group is actually located in Philly.  I provided their link but the site is minimal.

Pixie Engine article

Human Network Labs

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Nothing like the classics but I love the analog.

Nothing like the classics but I love the analog.

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PS3 that I believe uses a heat sensor for turning it on.

PS3 that I believe uses a heat sensor for turning it on.

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